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Close to Split, lies the complex of famous luxury hotel “Lav/Le Meridien”,

and *Vodapark* is just five minutes down the same coastal road, in the

tourist centre Podstrana, the next neighbour of Split.

The water sports centre *Vodapark* is right in the middle of Podstrana

(driving from Split to Omis on the right side) close to the many apartment

houses and restaurants, direct at the Adriatic beachfront.

The sign JK Podstrana (meaning sailing club) tells you to turn right, and

that's what you should do, as a small road leads you directly to the sailing


Surf-, sail- and catamaran centre *Vodapark* is run by a Belgian expat

called Mark Geurts and his Belgian wife Kristel (Marko and Kika in

Croatian), living themselves with their young son Josiph close to the beach,

in Stari Podstrana (300 meters high above the beach).

A small fleet of catamarans and surfboards is available at the beach and

beginner or experienced sailor/surfer, *Vodapark* can organise your day(s)

at the beach (*and much more than that*).

Marko used to be a semi professional windsurfer, flying around the world to

compete in the circuit of the big shots, until he discovered that Croatia

has it all and Dalmatia even a little bit more, and that was the moment to

start *Vodapark, * the sail- surf- and catamaran centre in Podstrana.

He crossed the English Channel by surfboard, and did the same trick between

Ancona in Italy and Split in Croatia (not knowing there were ferries and

planes ?).

Also he sailed the famous "Round Texel” a couple of times, a heavy Dutch

catamaran race.

When having "*wet dreams*" about what to do those days on vacation, when

your wife and kids are having a great time on the beach, then you should

come to *Vodapark*, to Marko and Kika.

Living in Croatia, Marko not only speaks that language, Dutch, German and

French are no problem too, and he's one of the recently certified New

Olympic Trainers on watersports in Croatia.

Surfing, sailing, catamaran, and *many more* options, see our website and

our contact pages to have the time of your life in Dalmatia.

So, welcome to Croatia, welcome to Dalmatia and welcome to our website,

*We are happy when you are happy*, Marko and Kika.


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